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One of oldest and best SA:MP Server Since 2006, GamerX hosts a San Andreas Multiplayer (Modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) international server with Deathmatch, Stunt, Race, Minigame...
I am guessing you are not allowed to have any kind of spaces between the keys, not sure though.
Quote: Originally Posted by SickAttack HP are cheapos too. Dell would be a better choice. I have an old latitude and it's solid. Dell sucks, dont even buy if you plan to game on your la...
Had to restore windows to an earlier point where it uninstalled the latest driver update, seems to working pretty fine now Thank you for you suggestions fellas.
Alright hello everyone been a long time. So i have been away for 2 years now and planning to come back now. Although i have been trouble running sa-mp for more than 5 minutes, its not SA-MP Client is...
What in the name of virgin mary ?community.
Quote: Originally Posted by brandin i cant log in it says you must be loged it to spawn then i typed /login and it say's you are loged in can any one help me out Update your include fi...
Seriously? Jeez you don't have start a whole new thread for that. Anyway its "Is dead"
Thanks. I have an 8TB RAID mirrored for 4TB that runs as eSATA off the main computer. I have a 4TB Zyxel NAS that I use for backup of the RAID, that's on the network, but only turned on once a week fo...
Well can i useboth the ethernet adaptors in the PC if they are in different subnets. For example I use the first one for the Internet connection and the second one for NAS?
Hello, I have two motherboards, both Gigabyte, one x58/i7-920/24GB and one z77/i7-3770/32GB, both with two Ethernet ports. Up to this point, I have disabled the second port in the BIOS and just used ...
If I were you I would go with sony. No No second thoughts.
Sorry about the bump but this issue still exists anyone?
With a few modifications and rectifications Luxadmin is the best one out there.
Hello, I've got a small problem with automounting USB devices in KDE and it looks like it's permission related. First I was always getting this message (from Konqueror): A security policy in place p...
Quote: Originally Posted by ACI We can also share here, what is the problem? Since it'd pointless to have two same threads.
2 hours since game play doesn't interests me much. Although I have spent more than 30 hours scripting.
I have had audacity working in the past, and it did what I needed. Some "upgrade" uninstalled audacity, and now it's not in my system anymore. If I try to install it, it complains about unresolved de...