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That' not a function, but it can aswell be shortened: pawn Code: stock damagePlayer(playerid, Float: fDamage) {    new        Float: fHealth,        Float: fArmour    ;    GetPlayerHeal...
I believe this will cause infinite-loops, I strongly suggest you retest everything: pawn Code: isFaultyGameText("~r~") Also, I don't think you need all that jazz. As long as the amount of tildes are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nero_3D Pretty simple code which puts a textdraw in each row Maybe someone can reproduce this ?, and show me if he gets 480 canvas Nope.
My first impression is that your website is not responsive, not mobile optimized, ugly, not good organized and has a bad overal design.
Yes, this will only count for "playerid" otherwise.
Could you please share what crashdetect debugs?
Quote: Originally Posted by Opah Not sure how that's the angle between 3 points. As far as I derive from the picture, you have Point1 and Point3 and you'd like to calculate Point2. If ...
Quote: Originally Posted by OTACON [] GetPlayerSex Well, guess what! There are only two possibilities (AFAIK) which means you can, for example, check for male and just return false for ...
Nice release - I think I might even use this soon!
I really like the story and the atmosphere of the game, it's diverse compared to other games.
Why the f*ck do you people even bother opening a topic like this?
Quote: Originally Posted by RealCop228 You're joking, right? He's trolling.
I think you should PM dugi or kaisersause.
Quote: Originally Posted by ****** Even that can be improved slightly. True that: pawn Код: stock getOrdinal(iNum) {    static const        s_aszOrdinal[4][3] = { "st", "nd", ...
Why does that matter to everyone in command systems? It's not that your server is going to freeze if you execute a simple command (unless you add very heavy code under the command). If you're really c...
Just wondering, is anyone using this include? I'd like to hear some feedback and suggestions as I'm working on an update. In this update, I mainly focus on not including DynamicParams and make sure yo...
You have to change those data to your login data. If you didn't change that, it's obvious it won't connect.
Do you have permission to remotely connect to the phpMyAdmin server? Are you sure your login data is correct?
I think it's all about positioning the player perfectly. Use SetPlayerPos, SetPlayerFacingAngle, experiment with some coordinates and just apply the animation when you have the right one.
As far as I know vehicles are not streamed if you're not spawned, so no.