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you need to add the &&unused params&& pawn Код: #pragma unused params
Quote: Originally Posted by FireCat Electronic Robot Maker? LoL? I don't build them, my teacher does, but I can do a simple one. + Whats that? o.o I finished Electronic Bionic Computer...
lol nice robot :P!! btw are you an Electronic Robot Maker?? im in Electronic BCU
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterJoker looks like you need to use this! Warnings and Error List [WITH FIXED!] thanks!!btw when i did #pragma unused pararms it says "1error"
Hi guyz i got 57 warning erros in my GM when i compile!Please help me!! pawn Код: warning 217: loose indentation warning 217: loose indentation warning 217: loose indentation warning 217: loos...
did you portforward the ports UDP/TCP (Diffirent) Like not together just make TCP (only in 1 ) And then make UDP(Only in 1 file)!!!Diffirent!!!
here you are: pawn Код: dcmd_admins(playerid, params[]){    SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_YELLOW, "Online admins:");    new chose;    for(new i=0;i<MAX_PLAYERS;i++)    {        ...
Quote: Originally Posted by rohith Thank you for that np just if you want help ask us or make topics in sa-mp category's!!! !!
i will show you some useful videos "how to create something" [ame][/ame][ame][/ame] [ame]http://...
well i think its internet connection (your connection restarting) ! or its the sa-mp server problem!!
do this steps: Server Directory>Plugins>And add audio plugin there.. then open server.cfg: Код: plugins (add the plugins you want to load..) Код: and about audio player put it to filter...
Quote: Originally Posted by [Twixx] First video - virus, already watched it. Second video - isn't possible on this PC, I'm only able to create another admin account which will erase old ad...
you can check out here: btw use this: pawn Код: // Make player 42 see player 1 as a red markerSetPlayerMarkerForPlayer( 42, 1, 0xFF0000FF );...
well yea MEGAUPLOAD IS GONE GUYZ!!!The owner went to jail read news:*The owner was a pirate & hacker* and all FBI + Police was looking for him!And now they arrested him! check out here: http://www...
Here you are original sa-mp 0.3d installer:
Quote: Originally Posted by Tenshi oh, i have DEBIAN o/s check (
well if this is your first gamemode!!!! nice 10/10!!!! Keep it up! btw i will download it!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by fifa4ka Hello, I can say that Kalkor made ​​a mistake somewhere with Timer they stop, though note that there was no such modes at 0.3c transferred to all pl...
11,091 here you are..