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I mean, there's some weapons that are fairly small such as the nightstick or the small white vibrator. I don't believe there's an actual way for the user to use an object w/o the game having one. I co...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hammad123 can you help me pls when i open a server it shows this error : Help needed! and i have also installed vcredist_84x and x64 still not working ...
Y_Less's and Tommy's BT were removed? I could careless when it came to Tommy, no offense. When it comes to them both why was Y_Less banned and Tommy was not? We've seen Y_Less leave before and therefo...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rudy_ Hii The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 4 characters. Quote: Originally Posted by SaW I'm s...
I can't believe this is how this topic turned out. It was for more of the general community who helped out one another and did what they could.
If anyone has any contact with (this dude). Please let me know!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity Vince is still active, just not on the forums. He's active in the Discord channel though, as are many veterans and banned players. Just came across t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity He asked for his account to be deleted in early 2014 also hi o/ I come across all these old visitor comments, and a lot of them appear to be banned....
Just noticed, View Conversation Report Jansish 22/07/2014 09:16 AMJansish hehehe Janish misspelled my name trolled me hard buddy :~) What happened to Janish?
Post your code using either "code/quote" or on a uploading site such as
I know this strays from OVH but for a somewhat same pricing range you could also check Limestone Hosting.
Quote: Originally Posted by K0P the game may crash at different points if you have 200-250+ FPS. Just like the game will crash when you have sounds turned on or detail settings above m...
Have you checked the usage of the CPU, drivers up to date, and which widescreenfix?
Quote: Originally Posted by cessil I mostly just lurk Is Silent still around or is gone nowa days? He used to be kinda uh well ya\'know.
Lifeline Roleplay is a new Los Santos based heavy roleplay community, we focus on bringing an enjoyable and professional Heavy Roleplay experience to our members. Our script is being worked on daily,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flake. 2012 old pick one Was playing SAMP before 2012. Was too young to understand/comprehend what forums were or how they worked. Just aye cool video game ...
Reinstall your mouse/keyboard (if dual) drivers, and see how that fixes your problem.
The only reason why I am replying instead of starting a new thread is because this is easier. Just popped on for my birthday, and wanted to see if any oldies would be willing to drop their Discord or ...
5,009 Hmmm.