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Gtx 970 here and i can get a max 100 fps i think the game is capped at 100 fps even with frame limiter off. Also don\'t expect to run high end end mods at good fps even if you have the best gpu out th...
Not even going to vote because you have drifting but not racing in the poll
All i had to do was use the windows trouble shooter when the game failed to open with win 10. it then download something from windows and fixed it
I use centos 7, mainly because thats all i have ever used. debian and other os's feel too foreign to me.
idk if i understand your question correctly but i think you may be looking for clean/friendly urls. For me you just need to edit the apache config and set the AllowOverride All on the directory
I use vultr you can pay by the hour which is cool. So basically you put money into your vultr account and if you decide you no longer want to use the server you can just get the rest of your money bac...
I think if you install ip tables on your vps you can make it so only your ip can access your server
Better off just making a arma III roleplay server for that kind of stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Promlesbian "We're all the racing servers?" <that's some terrible English there! It's: "Where all the racing servers?" I know, I tried to edit the title ...
I can't seem to find any popular good racing servers out there. I remember there used to be about 5 good ones with 10+ players on now i looked and found one with 1-2 players. I got myself an xbox one ...
Hey can someone help I'm getting this error:
Quote: Originally Posted by GRiMMREAPER If you're using Linux, you can't "allocate" a certain amount of RAM to a certain process. You can, however, use ulimit and set the process' virtual ...
Hello' how can I allocate a certain amount of ram for my samp server?
Pretty sure that it only pays you for clicks not players online. Thing about minecraft is you can click links in game and it opens your browser. Not sure if that works in samp
I recommend using at least 1gb for the mysql itself and use centos 7 I being bias of course
You need to purchase a domain name then you set an A record and point the domain to the IP address of your server
Nah but i live close (Melbourne)
Why some people play nfs games over forzs horizon games is beyond me. There is literally nothing better about nfs