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Try to remove the textdraw and use a client side message for debugging.
Umm it semse to me he has the .amx along with his FS name in his Server.cfg Remove the .amx from all Filterscript names in the config
Ok here is the area of my problems. pawn Код: dcmd_setleader(playerid, params[])    {    new tmp[128], Index;    new tmp2[128];    tmp = strtok(params, Index), tmp2 = strtok(params, Index...
try AddPrivateVehicle(playerid,522,-1364.7598,-213.3435,13.7183,225.0000,126, 56, 6000); or if the player is saved to a file, use the variable for that players name. Also the include thing, i am no...
this may help.
I am using version 1.0 of this.
i believe it has been 12 hours. I just figured I Would ask before I try it, so thus I don't get aggravated with it.
wouldn't it be easier to do something like one tazer command but set the freeze on a timer?
there is something called [ur=]navicat,[/url] if you want to use the community version of MySQL, I would more than recommend it. I use it in my job, you wo...
I am using the Base Server Game mode that Conroy released to help stop godfather edits. So far I have figured out how to lock the vehicle I made for the different factions. pawn Код: faction4car[...
Quote: Originally Posted by IDownload Quote: Originally Posted by MichalGusta Did you fix any bugs? Did you not read? HE SAID HE ONLY INCLUDED THE INCLUDES FILES!!!!! SO IT ...
Hello, I have just started to learn Pawn coding. I took TGP Gamemode found here and found may errors. (Most where about array size not matching, which I was able to fix by using skills I picked up fro...