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Quote: Originally Posted by bathushan i put this when i enter into game, and type anything... nothing happend. i mean nothing... its not even shows what i typed. Help please If you wha...
Quote: Originally Posted by iAnonymous Now, by dividing (1+no) from both sides, we get, study = fail So, if you study, you will fail! Unless (1 + no) = 0
Make sure gta_sa.exe isn't running in the processes tab in the task manager. I've had the game running in the processes but not visually in the taskbar rendering me unable from running the game.
Quote: Originally Posted by IceCube! IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint only works if the player is outside a vehicle. Source? Too lazy to check right now.
I've read that sscanf is pronounced "escanef" sarcasm is pronounced like this I say y_ini like "why in ee" I say samp as you would say sample and I've read that you pronounce mysql like "my sequel...
Making a dynamic door system isn't something that can vividly be contained in one post. Go learn to script or download an existing one
Why do you need an array 256 cells big? There aren't nine quattuoroctogintillion, nine hundred ninety-nine treoctogintillion, nine hundred ninety-nine duooctogintillion, nine hundred ninety-nine u...
You can try a combination of adding the salt at the beginning, the end, or two salts at the beginning and end. Find a combination that isn't really intuitive. EDIT: You can also use a constant salt (...
Quote: Originally Posted by thefatshizms So it only reads it in 8 bits then? Us humans count in powers of 10 whereas computers count in powers of 2. Hence 2^3 = 8. I guess it's 8 bits, ...
you're going to have to find a way to do a strcmp check rather than a strfind
It's weird, but I play this in a loop and I can go on through the night. [ame=""][/ame] The filterscript method did...
You aren't really clear when you say you have the right plugin. Volthost servers are linux-based, since you say it worked on localhost then I assume you're on windows, which I then assume it was a .dl...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pawnie Alright, so I know there were MANY topics regarding this in the past with previous versions, but what do you think? Is it possible to make in game voice ...