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Actors are static. NPC are bots. Use the one that is of your use. If you want to make moving peds or vehicles, use NPCs. If you want to create static or primarily non moving, then use actors.
they are all lying - r3 works perfectly fine!! kalcor, don't listen to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by m3shys What's the IP bro? I'll come play and check it out! That's funny and rich coming from someone who was involved in Core Roleplay team and has now made h...
Quote: Originally Posted by m3shys Secondly, you can't really claim you are the only server taking advantage of 0.3dl because your server isn't even live, you pretty much say it is already...
Quote: Originally Posted by ZigGamerx Stop insulting Kalcor, Wait for his reply to explain the situation only if he wants to else get banned. You beg to differ from everyone by not unde...
Quote: Originally Posted by X337 it's so sad F It's everyday bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tanz That's not what patriotism means retard. I'm very sorry. But I bet you don't understand my troll here 🤣🤣
Quote: Originally Posted by Mobtiesgangsa it didn't came from my mind it came from my emotion and heart. I wish there were more patriotic people like you.
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I wonder if you did study the logic gates or not in the school.
Quote: Originally Posted by Markski You'll probably still need to handle streaming the vehicles parameters to the players with the first function anyways. You'll have to use a timer or so...
Quote: Originally Posted by mave_man How about creating objects at 0,0,0 and then using SetPlayerObjectPos? Regardless of that, the map data is STILL streamed to the player thus can be ...
50 fucking what? You really need to do your database organization and normalization if you've so much fields to put data for. An example would be such as weapons data that is often saved in the playe...
Quote: Originally Posted by eakwarp Srsly, we use current sa-mp DL functional on maximum.. What do we have in the end? Servers with great online are sitting at 0.3.7 and keeping the player...
In the code where you create the house map icons, decrease their range. EDIT: I checked the Streamer Wiki but there's no such function that can limit the max visibility of the pickups SPECIFICALLY, y...