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For a new version it would be nice to have new security mechanisms for queries in SA-MP, it's a problem that has been dragging for many years. If this mechanism were renewed in this version this would...
It looks good, maybe what Pottus says it would be nice to implement it
A little stupid but interesting, thank you!
In my opinion, SA-MP is a very popular mod and many people give to start the world of programming as I did in 2010. It is sad to see what Kalcor publishes today, before leaving everything, it is bett...
Quote: Originally Posted by SonnyGamer SA-MP is same but players are different This
It\'s better that you post this here
I think it's related to the new LTS versions, try a smaller version or a non LTS version
Quote: Originally Posted by OstGot If you are using public OnCheatDetected - this will be fixed in the next version. Yes, Код: forward OnCheatDetected(playerid, ip_address[], type,...
One problem is that you can cheat the money detector, the fake money can be added saying it is valid. From $1700 initials goes to $2200, etc. Код: [17:16:04] [Nex-AC debug] AC money: 1700, money:...