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Great work man My host didnt allow fsockopen, got it working.
Man iff you call your server something like Penis Roleplay / Vagina Roleplay / Buttholes for free Death Match thats intresting but imo adversting here will help a little depends on how you make the Ad...
Keep fighting him iff there's no else option, it happend to me ones i just kept banning him every time in the finale end he quitted what a stupid n0b. EDIT: Sorry Mr complete security high tec 101
Ye its good having one, but dont host at one.
Project reality Hostile Core Red Country Roleplay European Roleplay Next Generation Roleplay
Gotta admit one thing, the only reason i saw these movies was because of Megan Fox. But after watching it i got pretty impressed these movies are crazy.
Open a "Best thing that ever happend to you" im way to tard to do myself
Quote: Originally Posted by Hiddos Never saw a church in the ghetto, but the church itself looks nice. PS: Did you add a bus stop at the highway lol? There's always a Church in the ghe...
Think it helped now thanks.
Wanted to know iff anyone here has expirenced that your San Andreas minimizes itself this suddenly started happening to me, sometimes it happends every 2 min other times it takes 10min other times it ...
Dude he's not stupid haha, anyways i wanna know this to anyone here who has a GF who runs Npcs ?
oww flowers soo beutiful. you pimped it good i like it its simple tho but very nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by ••• ĤБĶБM ••• You entered the hospital the next day, didn't you? No he stod up and walked his way iff you ramm into a car with 100 in hour y...
Very cool man might use this but edit it a bit iff its alright.
/exec SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_GRAY, "This is crazy RyDeR");