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Sad to see it gone just like that , I enjoyed that server a lot. Hopefully it comes back soon.
lol why do u have 2 setplayerskin ? Delete SetPlayerSkin(playerid, PlayerInfo[playerid][pChar]);
It's probably the compiler issue. Re-download SAMP 0.3e server package and try replacing your old pawno folder with the new one.
Try deleting gta_sa.set My Documents > GTA SA Userfiles > gta_sa.set Rejoin a server and see if it works , if not , reinstall samp ?
It's possible to add the object on your car , but not shoot the minigun bullets.
Well isn't game text style 2 supposed to be bugged and cause problems ? Or is that fixed now ? (Doesn't seem like it)
The way Newbienoob did it is correct, I don't know what mistake you made
This is the easiest and simplest way I did it with dini, so maybe try removing all the stuff you did and do it this way: pawn Код: // put this in your register command ( isnt required but you can...
Maybe you didn't add the plugins to your Volt Host server config file ? Like I said , open a support ticket if nothing helps.
Open a support ticket on Volt Host. They are very helpful with solving SAMP server problems. You can also try this: Go to Volt Host > Server Dashboard > FTP Accounts > Reset File Permission...
Weird I don't think this will make a difference but try changing it from COMMAND:heal to CMD:heal
Are you sure you put the command outside of any other callback , like at the bottom of the script for example ?
Quote: Originally Posted by SA-MPDrifter If you'd like to post the GM script here so we can see what the problem is that would be great, but there's also a possibility that it's something ...
Oops my fault, replace both with: GameTextForPlayer(playerid,"~g~ on duty", 5000, 3); GameTextForPlayer(playerid,"~r~ off duty", 5000, 3);
If that is your admin variable, everything should be like this: pawn Код: if (strcmp("/duty", cmdtext, true, 5) == 0){    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin] <= 0) return SendClientMessage(playe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sp3cter Thanks but i don't want in RCON , just from admin level 1 to 1338 and without using zcmd ... What is your script admin variables? Do you have someth...
Probably because you didn't return a value. Try this: pawn Код: public OnDialogResponse(playerid, dialogid, response, listitem, inputtext[]){    switch(dialogid)    {        case KickBox ...
Quote: Originally Posted by kbalor pawn Код: dcmd_onduty(playerid,params[]){    #pragma unused params    if (AccInfo[playerid][Level] >= 1)    {        if(AccInfo[playerid...
This is confusing ... the thread name says "Set time to night when people join?" Then he's asking to set the time "when the server starts" Which one do you want really ?