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Quote: Originally Posted by Kindred He would. He's a total addict. I know that's why i used to live in Pakistan and had big issues with SA-MP and i moved so far away and now am here wit...
dude don't be lazy get out they and look for one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Niko_boy moving to different country for just a game? moreover just a mod made for 2004 game? seriously... get a life kid I really think you should check my ...
they is no way you can fix the issue unless you find a bigger flat object. replace it with this ID:8661
Quote: Originally Posted by mostafaveer i dont understand u man tell me how can i but /aduty on my server im still in the first if you don't understand don't try opening a server becaus...
Nice job pretty much good for serious hardcore roleplay server's but i think it would be better if it was less designed.
oh just the top header? i can make a pretty one if you want.
******* banner? didn't this get removed on the new update? because am pretty sure it was unless it came back. You can get some really great banner's on some GFX pack's they all PSD's files. if i kn...
I made this on photoshop this is my 1st 3d text i did. i wanted to know which one you like better. However, am not very skilled with photoshop but am learning pretty good. sorry about the miss...
Wait removed from SAMP or gta itself because i cant remember seeing that.
New battlefield game or just a addon pack for number 4.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jese Guy's don't play this game on ultra, because PC is extremely under stress and its gonna destroy your VRAM. Source:
Well for me. Whenever i get free time i start scripting & mapping or playing on a server if am busy ill be out drinking or going out with my gf etc, i think everyone here don't script all day l...
Removed because of the following reasons you doing for cash.
I can't believe this thread is still going on i think the person as fixed his issue and the script is leaked! everywere they is no point going mad about it i would rather let everyone use this script ...
They is no way you going to get that back from a AMX format.
Okay i did that but still showing error error 017: undefined symbol "rBit1_Set"