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Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity With the recent downfall of many "newer" roleplaying servers (including my own last year) I was wondering what you guys think keeps players engaged to a...
Have you tried logging directly into PHPMYAdmin using those credentials instead of using the server to test that they do actually work?
I'd remove your actual MySQL details from this topic. Also; mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "pubg", ""); It can't connect using these credentials. Are you sure these are valid? There is no passwo...
This really doesn't help us help you in anyway. Have you started console? Have you checked your server_log?
Quote: Originally Posted by RxErT Just one question, Am i really able to upload a un-completed project on this forum? Of course you can. There's no rule that it has to be complete.
He's literally taken the model in 0.3dl and remade it.
I can only assume the damage model on this was interesting lol
I don't believe this is possible at all without forms of hacks I'm afraid.
What sampaddon are you on about?
Looking for someone who can help create an awesome server trailer. Paid work, add me on Discord: Smithy#7685
LS:RP by far. 9 years of my life I'll never get back.
If you're experiencing further issues, send us your log again and we can review this for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cameryn It's for a good cause. I don't see what the problem is? Guys clearly an ass.
Live right now! COME AND SAY HI!
I want to give back in a way that I can to support some fantastic charities in the UK. I've been streaming on Twitch.TV for almost 2 years on and off and have been apart of one of the best online co...
This is a completely impossible question to answer as it depends on the processor make/model?
Quote: Originally Posted by Spydro Default SSH port is 22. I don't think NFO would of changed it, since that'd have been a dick move on their behalf. Can simply be changed to avoid brut...