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Stay safe out there guys, hopefully restrictions will be lifted eventually.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chavan I think Kalcor just gave us hope and nothing more. You should stop spamming this thread with your constant negativity, you contribute nothing to the ...
You can't do it in single player either.
Those videos are mostly fake. Don't believe in every video you see on the internet. Due to the way android is designed you can't inject libraries into another process while not being a root user, so ...
Yes there is a way, get a new host, no other way to get around it.
Don't use that thread to advertise your services, read the first post.
I can't find any mailing addresses or company information on their website, those are major red flags to me. You should be careful.
Not the right forum to post if you're looking for work. Quote: 1. Only post if you are looking for someone to help you, or want someone to write a script for you.
Nothing new, the solution for it is in the gl_npcs filterscript from 2010: Code: //------------------------------------------------- // IMPORTANT: This restricts NPCs connecting from // an IP addres...
Not 0.3.dl related, remove your mods they cause it.
February’s Cumulative Update for Windows 10 was released today which supposedly fixes it, try updating. Quote: Addresses issue where, in certain hardware configurations, the frame rate...
You need to provide more info, post your .txd and .dff files.
First result should answer your question:
Quote: Originally Posted by NealPeteros Still kinda stuck with this. I have a TXD file that contains some new sprites. How do I add them in textdraws?
This already exists since version RC3.
Quote: Originally Posted by shourya server log. You actually have to define the custom models in artconfig.txt or use pawn functions, just adding the files to \models directory is not e...