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Quote: Originally Posted by B3x7K Why wouldn't you remake SA-MP and change many feature, then do the security routine updates. Honestly, i'm not like 0.3DL because 0.3DL is just like MTA. ...
Kalcor, what about contacting the guy on GTAForums who made SAMP Addon? He fixed/improved there plenty of things, almost all of them should be in samp by default. Players would benefit from it. (I kno...
Quote: Originally Posted by Y_Less YIL the internal buffer for formatting floating point numbers is 64 characters: PHP код:     new str[256];     format(str, sizeof (str...
Use samp addon
This project is not under development anymore
This topic doesn't really needs to be updated, you can use the same pattern for 0.3.DL which described for 0.3.7.
BUMP! Everybody who's wanna help porting plugins from 0.3.7 to 0.3.DL, let's try to understand this tutorial. I think it's not as that hard as it looks like, just use your head and logic. When I firs...
Nice. I did multilang system in my server in same way, funniest thing was export already existed messages from mode
xDDDDDD im glad that i stopped play this shit years ago
Look at my signature for a tutorial. If you arent able to do it after, then you have to lean about C a bit more.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roozevelt if that is true really then why you are here lol He was afraid to IV it, so he rather returned to samp
Omg i thought that this is a bitcoin miner plugin for server DDD
Very nice! Now this plugin is a good YSF alternative, so I can remove half of the YSF because I can't maintain it anymore. If you will have free time and you'll be bored, then you could write a tutor...
3d texts are handled by samp client, it doesnt have any "contact" with gta. Pickups handled by gta originally, some parts as you saw above needs to be hacked to work properly outside of original map.
This should be fixed normally in client, not server sided. (already possiblr.with limit adjuster)
- first of all be happy - learn, learn, learn and be better in every part of life where I can - get bigger and more shreeded
Virus scanners are sucks. Years ago I've made a file browser for fun (not just browser to be honst..) in a client mod through raknet with dialogs at server side and it worked + passed all virus scanne...