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Your host may be using Linux, try .so plugins instead.
I recommend HostSpree or KingJ HostSpree: Lately, they have been doing well after their revamp so hosting with them would be great. KingJ: As always, they are up and providing great support so hostin...
Seeking trained, professional, and mature administrators for VG:RP - Contact Critical on if you are interested! We need NA, EU, and OC administrators!
pawn Код: [06:28:17] [ERROR] CMySQLHandle::ConnectT - (error #2003) Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)[06:28:17] [ERROR] ExecuteT[Group_QueryFinish(ii)] - (error #2006) MySQ...
Quote: Originally Posted by nton yes created by me in batch programing and converted :P here code: color 3 setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion set filename=Dialogmp3Code.txt del %filename% e...
This is not noob friendly, this is ultra-noob friend! y u no use PHP Code: #demo { background:url(logo.png) no-repeat center center; <!--or w/e the logo destination URL is--> h...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kreatyve Yes. What was the last code you added before the RT error 6 occurred?
Hmm.. pawn Код: public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, reason){        if(GetPlayerTeam(killerid) == GetPlayerTeam(playerid))        {        Kick(killerid);        SendClientMe...
Waste of time, only advising to people who want to model for self-purposes, and not for multi-purposes, such as showing it off to friends without them having the model files...
Edit the streaming distance, use Fallout's streamer plugin, in this case so that you can edit the streaming distance. Don't know if it's possible to edit streaming distance in Incognito's, but will ha...
Weird, it works for me.. I think um most of the list is in the U.K.?
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Not sure how this works .. You just download an application and let it sit there? Here's the thing of how it works (And proves how it's so unsecure) 1...
VPS from good provider = Might have DDoS protection
Undertaker - I am his huge fan ;( But these days it's total crap. Millions of dollars make them punch their own brothers
Check if there are multiple versions of that stocks
Quote: Originally Posted by Richie© No, OP asks about R20 or R7. Ninja is talking about removed natives and crashes which is R21 +. Not also R20.. It crashes like on my 60$ CentOS VPS...