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Wow.. Thats Pretty Sweet
Hire a scripter. :P Theres a few out there with pretty low Prices.
Looks Cool, I was Big fan of the LOST series.
Nope. That would probably involve sending a .txd and .dff which isn't done on SA:MP
I Deleted a few thousand objects and tried to run the client, it crashed when it Connected. :P Maybe there is a limit to deleted objects somehow?
When a 3D model is added to the Server when a player connects, does it download for them automatically? or do they have to download it seperately. Thanks
Really? That seems Simple. I might have a look at it. :P Thanks
Gah, cbf to Learn how to use ZCMD or YCMD. Im going to wallow in my own pain of this command fucking up. XD
Im not sure really how to ask how to Fix this. But when I Type in /killspawnpoint. Which is a command of mine. It triggers /kill Код: if (strcmp("/kill", cmdtext, true, 5) == 0) { Se...
Im sorry, I dont understand what you are saying? :P (( I also Tried that code you pasted. and I still get destroyed by the world boundaries. ))
Instead of writing a whole new Thread I will just Comment here. :P Im trying to make a random spawn system But I Need it to Randomly Choose the Spawn Coordinates. I Have some Code .. Код: SetPl...
Okay so it works now.. but The Object dosen't spawn ingame PHP код:     if(strcmp(cmd, "/build", true) == 0)    {        new tmp[128];        tmp = strtok(cmdtex...
Hey Guys, I Know I have been posting a fair bit recently, and Thanks ALOT so far. you have been really helpfull. I Have been doing alot of Scripting and with a new command I Have hit this. PHP ко...
PHP код:    new amount;    GetPlayerMoney(playerid, amount);    DOF2_SetInt(file, "Money",PlayerInfo[playerid][pMoney] = amount); // Sets the Number    DOF2_SaveFile(); //...
Here's the Code Код: if(strcmp("/buildstructure", cmd, true) == 0) // creates a house type property { new Money; GetPlayerMoney(playerid, Money); if(Money >= 9999) { PropertyCommand(...