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Good morning, today I am here to share with you all a system developed by me recently. Possibility of having a maximum of three (3) characters. Ability to delete a character. Character customization. ...
Good job my friend, but anyway why?
Hi, i decided to start a Game Mode in CS:GO style, i started creating the main menu, hope you like it, if you have any suggestions explain.
Hi everyone, i'm thinking to start a project like Friday 13th Game. Unique mode, with cool maps, alot of Textdraws for panels etc.. What do you think about? Wich systems i can create for?
Updated link. (Pastebin) Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by oMa37 is not allowed, Use pastebin. I've read the rules of the forum before posting the system, and as far as i'm concerned i'm not breaking any rule,...
INFORMATIONS: About: House System, 601 code lines - (MySQL, foreach, sscanf2, Streamer, ZCMD) Version: 1.0 Last Update: 24/05/2017 AVAIBLE COMMANDS: - /buyhouse, use for by house; - /house, use fo...
Are you looking for scripter? Who am i and what can i do? My name is Filip, i live in Italy. I know the PAWN, MySQL and various functions of SA:MP, including textdraws (also clickable). I can create...
Specifies better the problem.. Try to create a "debug" using print & printf functions to see where is the problem, so i can help you.
It's great. I think this server can have 100-150+ players.
Try creating "debug" with prints in switch and out to see where code get "stopped".
Код: forward Float: RandomFloat(Float: min, Float: max); Float: RandomFloat(Float: min, Float: max) { return random(floatround(max) - floatround(min))+ min; }
Thanks all. XHunterZ, yes can record position using CCTV, you must only set position of CCTV.
You can do a simple command to teleport vehicle to player.. like this: Код: new Float: x, Float: y, Float: z; GetPlayerPos(playerid, x, y, z); SetVehiclePos(vehicleid, x, y, z);
The first, sure. NEW = STATIC =
Quote: Originally Posted by MerryDeer Hi, I make random vehicle spawns but all vehicles size is different height and some of them is in air.. How to right put any vehicle on ground? Pl...
TDM Game Mode (using MySQL r39) >> I don't know where can you host free website, but can you download for free phpBB and theme. phpBB>>...
I apologize for having created the topic initially empty.