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Seeking professional mapper, the gigs are paid. Must be top notch, follow through on discord Jord#4894
That's really impressive. Good luck.
That's definitely true. This platform motivated me to learn a variety of artsy skills. Now I'm getting paid IRL to do such. Never regretted.
Looking for a polished mapper. Shoot me a private message or add my skype; Slauter_473
Quote: Originally Posted by Stones Bias, self centered, power hungry and childish staff. Something homogeneous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kimble Those are some fine looking snippets and i like the song in the second video. Thank you.
Hello everyone, I'd like to be brief and direct. I've put together a few snippets of the unique features of this roleplay server. I would like to showcase it to the community in the most educational ...
Quote: Originally Posted by jlalt Lol, that made my day. Well, life isn't ponies and unicorns is it?
The management and staff of Bone County Roleplay is enrolling mappers. We've thought of this for a while and we've came to the conclusion of implementation. Requirements:Ability to work as a team wh...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shinja I checked, it's fine, something wrong from your client not server It happens to everyone eventually. Trust me, every client went through this at some ...
Try Sony Vegas, also you can learn easily via *******.