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PHP код: #define Admin_Code "Yellow"new bool:ALogged[MAX_PLAYERS] = false;public OnPlayerConnect(playerid){    ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, 424, DIALOG_STYLE_INTPUT, "Administrator ...
Please provide us with the code itself(error's lines).
Try this: PHP Code: forward Freeze(playerid);public OnPlayerRequestClass(playerid, classid){    SpawnPlayer(playerid);    TogglePlayerControllable(playerid, 0);    return SetTime...
PHP код: new rand;while(!IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 30, HouseInfo[rand][hExteriorX], HouseInfo[rand][hExterioY], HouseInfo[rand][hExteriorZ)){    rand = random(MAX_HOUSES-1);}/...
Well, I'm sorry if I understood you wrong but if you have tried to do what I think, which is getting all the nearly houses around the player so this is the code for you and if you meant something else...
You simply need to freeze the player's body few seconds until the map gets loaded, add a timer of around 5 seconds(depends how big the map is) and eventually unfreeze him. If you have no clue how to d...
The correct function is 'GetPlayerVehicleID'. However, if you meant to use another one; Pleaes provide us the full creation of the function in order to fully figure your issue out but beforehand, try ...
• You have created a verb and used it on the some purpose you wanted for 'id' without settling it previously - resulted in respawning first logged player(ID: 0) which was a apperantly you. • Inst...
Ensure you are aware of the fact your password is actually an integer and not a string. Secondly, how does the password look in the user's file?
How do I exactly do it since in my gamemode it is not defined.
Yes, it's certainly possible and here is an example: Код: public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid, newkeys, oldkeys) { if(newkeys == KEY_FIRE) { new Float:p[3]; GetPlayerPos(playerid, ...
I've tried to use Y_Ini in one of my gamemodes today and I've just received some annoying error that I didn't make to fix. Код: Server\pawno\include\YSI\ : warning 201: redefiniti...
It's the same ID which has been setted in the command(154).
Well, you used the function well but your issue seems to be due earlier version, as stated above. Update your a_samp include with 0.3e verison or above in order to get it worked.
Well, you had to except it because you simply forgot to add the function SetPlayerPos to your command. If you didn't get me yet, all you have add the function and fill the parameters.
First of, nice idea and investment. By your script I can know that you are new in the language because you could shorten the code and make him more qualitative, I means like instead of do a lot of lin...
Oh, it is not what I meant. Show me please the command /deposit..
You need to make your file with IPs, like: >Scriptfiles>Users>> Did you understand?
In the world "GM", Do you mean to GiveMoney? if yes so put in the command: PHP код: new GStr[100]; format(GStr,50,"You have got money from the adminstartor by that your money's amou...