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Great but with javascript is more great and useful, and dont charge the server with the consult.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperMarioRol Del GM, o del TF2? Ninguno de los 2, yo juego al Team Fortress classic version 1998 (el del half life 1).
Ok, i programming in my app with the Rquery class. I connected the rcon and wanted to investigate possible bugs with the rcon, send an empty package to the server crash occurs.
Yo ahora subo un video navideсo en el team fortress xD.
Estaras poniendo el server en 0.3c y los jugadores deben tener el cliente 0.3b
Primero Buen post. PD: Este foro requiere que tъ esperes 120 segundos entre mensajes. Por favor intenta de nuevo en 44 segundos.
La calidad es lo mas importante, tambien seguridad, sencillez (No matar al usuario cuando ingresa al panel con miles de opciones, si no tener las funciones comunes y luego un menu extenso de opciones ...
See this topic... ---> here is the information
Quote: Originally Posted by [03]Garsino More information: You DO NOT need to replace all files when downloading the server package! You only need to update your includes, samp-server.exe,...
Ok, Hi users of SA-MP!. I make this thread because i see threads asking of this message "File or Function is not found" What to do? You have the file. Amx and 0.3C on the server uses, usually this m...
Quote: Originally Posted by dugi If you'd read the RC post you would see the changes required for 03b gamemode to run on 03c No, in this case, when this msg apears, you dont have the p...
Quote: Originally Posted by juuleman I hope it will be fixed. Yes, its a beta release, kye (kalcor) see this forum and fix the bugs of our reports.
Quote: Originally Posted by Speederx When i press on this button nothing happens..Nothing appears Is a bug or? its a beta release dont have servers because its for test it, when 0.3c r...
No, the helicopter dont have engine by default in GTA:SA its a bug of SA-MP.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZmaXy Код: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Cyber RolePlay [0.3c]\filterscripts\Engine03c.pwn(26) : error 017: undefined symbol "ManualV...
Ok good work. Will be useful if we dont know how are this objects
Quote: Originally Posted by SAMPGammer Ahн en R G B saloen los colores. Arregla tu firma SAMP 0.3C no fue liberado totalmente, est...