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Any error codes? Please provide us with your log-file .
Get a plugin; add the queries.. There you go! No-one's going to help you out for free to convert an entire script. If-so, give us more information on what exactly it is that you fail to understand and...
Can you show me the functions ( variables ) you're using? I'll happily look into them.
query the server; make a case in PHP to see if it's online and use the PHP 'IF' statement for either online or offline
Register online time via functions ( SQL or Y_INI I.E. ), also their regdate, then use a calculation ( TIME ( days, hours, minutes w/e ) divided by ONLINE TIME ). Shouldn't be too hard.
How do you save your data ( I'm unable to write a code for you due to this ) however, you may try something like: PHP код: public OnGameModeExit{// save your shit here} 
You can use ****** translate without having to pay for it. There's a free developer programme for starters. Downside, it'll only allow you to use a X translations.
Try to code it yourself.. If I see any mistakes in the code, I'll gladly explain to you what is wrong and why.
PHP код: if(!strcmp("/command", command-text)) 
Make a textdraw. Easy enough. You already have the data stored so just make a case to switch numbers .
Check name in OnPlayerConnect --> strip the name and look for _ in the name.
Switch saving to a steady SQL one.. Might save you efforts too.
Your best shot would be to look for someone to fund the bits you need. I've offered a few VPS's in the past, but I do set specific requirements for them. You'd be better off stating what you require, ...
Try using a new SQL plugin. Also.. Perhaps use the function GetPlayerIp: PHP код: public OnPlayerConnect(playerid){    new plrIP[16];    GetPlayerIp(playerid, plrIP, sizeof(plrIP));...
Quote: Originally Posted by lucamsx what? Код: new vehid; vehid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid); replace "1" with "vehid". I copied his code and went on to explain in the rest of my ...
Set his HP to 0; SetPlayerHealth();
Can you provide us with all the textdraws? Also.. Make sure you don't surpas the limit of textdraws.
Any errorlogs? ( server logs & sql logs )
You'll have to define what vehicle IDs get what object and on what location: ( Wiki post: ) Код: (objectid, vehicleid, Float:OffsetX, Float:Offset...