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Is it possible to detect if the player have landed after jumping or even detect the height their jump was before landing? It's not a priorty of yours, but I'm curious on the subject which how can thi...
Quote: Originally Posted by Potassium Which part confuses you? Might be the dragons part, cause I haven't played for ages and never heard about that.
your mysql plugin is outdated, as well as the sscanf plugin, try dling the latest versions and update us if this keeps happening.
i was gonna help but seeing the fact that you bumped in less than 24 hours ill just make you wait unless someone else answers which i wont even bother afterwards.
Title explains it all, I need a function which can detect if a player is facing another. If it isn't too much of a bother, can you give me two codes about the player angle and the Camera Vectors? I ha...
Showed this to my mom, she screamed Satan. 10/10 would do this again and watch her try to exorcise the pc.
Quote: Originally Posted by saffierr What the hack do you mean? post the code to get help, i dunno what you scripted to begin with lol.
i can't use telepathy to determine the code.
It's because it's glitched, since most of the vehicles and objects that get glitched return to the position 000.0 which is exactly in the middle of blueberry farm. You need to basically remove some of...
pawn Код: strtok(const string[], &index){    new length = strlen(string);    while ((index < length) && (string[index] <= ' '))    {        index++;    }     new o...
Quote: Originally Posted by Abagail (maybe around a week ago) About a week ago *shmoney dances* OT: I think you can script something using YSF plugin, topic:
What do you mean? Like distance that's needed for player to show to another or what? If so, I don't think that's possible, but I think you can do it for name tags, I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by iCurse You mad brah? with that attitude of yours, you will /never/ be the best samp scripter. I was going to help you until I've read your comment lol, typic...
pawn Код: db_get_field_assoc(Result,"pAmmo",Field,60);        pInfo[pAmmo][playerid] = strval(Field);        GiveWeapon(playerid,pInfo[Primary][playerid],pInfo[pAmmo][playerid]);      ...
Код: 10:23:18] [debug] Server crashed while executing DM.amx [10:23:18] [debug] AMX backtrace: [10:23:18] [debug] #0 native db_get_field_assoc () from samp-server.exe [10:23:18] [debug] #1 0000c3e...
Alright. So the issue acquires when I log in, when I log in the server crashes. Like, instantly. I tried creating the loading function in a stock instead of the login dialog, still same shit. I need h...