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Hi, i have a problem with the following code: pawn Код: if(OXJoinEnabled == true){               OXParticipants ++;} It gives me this warning: Код: warning 213: tag mismatch The prob...
Hi guys, i have one simple question, can i use \n on textdraws strings to make a new line just like in dialogs or 3dtextlabels?
Hi, I have a question, if I use conditions like the next code will it work properly? Код: if(condition) { //code1 } else if(condition) { //code2 } else { //code3 } I mean will it return ...
Your profile image pictures this GM perfectly, simple, ugly, but funny.
Thank you, I will +rep you...also, when you make it, can you PM me or post the result here, please?
Hi guys, I have seen in some servers that you can buy guns from ammunitions and choose the tint/color of the weapon, like for example you buy a 9MM gold tinted (yellow all over it) or a Blue Tinted M4...
You don't seem to get it, I want to check if the player is in that area, only that yellow zone, not in the range of a point.
Hi guys, how can I check if the player is in a certain zone, like the yellow one in the picture and if he is then he will be able to access a certain command. I will +rep anyone who helps
I have a problem, when I connect to my server a textdraw shows for no reason, apparently the number 0, what could be the problem? I didn't created any textdraw with the string "0" Image: Please he...
Hi guys, how can I count players online and display them in a dialog style list? Please help I will +rep