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It seems it may be looping because there is an issue in the script? Possibly a function being called within itself, causing it to loop.
Well I can make something if somebody needs an example. Just give me a script to make and I'll script it.
G'day guys, I am a fairly experienced scripter and can script anything that can be expected from a scripter. I know MySQL, and have worked with different includes such as zcmd and other command pro...
So recently ive been thinking of creating a plugin. What this does is when the server recieves an incoming connection, it collects the IP and reads whether more than 5 IP address is connected, if so,...
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Okay how would I fix warning 235: public function lacks forward declaration (symbol "OnPlayerShootPlayer") ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hellman92 i have lol echo Executing Server Config... lanmode 0 rcon_password test maxplayers 25 port 7789 hostname SA-MP 0.3 Server gamemode0 IBP filterscrip...
Closest point of where? Do you mean if for example, there are 4 locations and you get the players position and it gets whether the player is closer to Location 1, or 2, 3, or 4? For example? Umm do yo...
I dont see why it doesnt work. Is i returning MAX_PLAYERS?
GetXYInfrontOfPlayer? Never heard of that one? Oh I got it, Umm How would I use it on a vehicleid?
yes and if his infront of it as well
Yes You sorta understand. But I mean when the player is on the outside of the car. Not on the inside.
Hey Guys Is it possible to detect whether the playerid is at the back or the front of a vehicle? If so, how could I do this? Please give me any ideas if not possible. I was thinking about scripting...
Yes, what if I wanna Add Functions and more script into server without GMXing. Restarting server.
Alright, so I had an idea. I was thinking how could I could add commands ingame without needing to restart server. I have a clue that its possible but would require a very good mind. Basicly you woul...
Ok, I have three textdraws. 2 Black Boxes which make it look like its in movie mode. Now I have text which show on the bottom black box but it doesnt appear. Ive got it to show on a command but it do...
Alright, Hey Guys, Right now im trying to set it up so when a player connects a timer is run for that only player. How do I get a timer which only works for playerid instead of the whole server?
Alright, Im using a textdraw editor and I found that when I try to make the Textdraw go down to get larger, it doesnt. Im pressing the right buttons but it doesnt go down. In text what do i type? Ive ...