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Nice man, but why is the skydive map so empty? I have seen way better skydiving maps tbh
Very nice stunts buddy! Do you have a Discord account? if so, please hmu with your ID!
You can have something like this or just loop all connected players and check if they're in range with the countdown issuer using IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint by getting the issuer's position and comparing ...
There's no way to tabulate textdraws. However, you can use two seperate textdraws. Something like that: PHP Code: Textdraw1                                Textdraw2AAAAA                         ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor Guys. SA-MP forum isn't SA-MP. It's part of SA-MP. Most players don't visit here. Many of the biggest server owners don't post here. You can post here i...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I can't stop anyone playing SA-MP or running a SA-MP server. You guys know that already. I can, however, ban people from this forum for advertising. Ev...
Show us your pawn Код: IsInvalidSkin function code
«(—[—[—| Stunt Evolution Freeroam - NEF has been given a new life!|—]—]—)» Website: Server IP: Server Introduction: Stunt Evolution Freeroam is a new ...
Hey, I was told that game-mp was down due to hosting issues and might be down anytime soon, so my question is, should I still buy hosted tab from game-mp or it would be a risk? Or are there any alte...
Stunt Evolution Freeroam is looking for some professional video editor, video recorder to capture an introduction/trailer for our server. Stuff which we expect to be shown in the video made: Derby (/...
Quote: Originally Posted by DoubleTree I see no attack cookie on going... My server doesn't logs cookies for some reason, even mine. Which samp version are you using?
Which samp version are you using? I'm not sure but it might be because you're not using the latest one if the cookie attack is still going, anyway, just update to the newest and try. https://sampforum...
You have defined new symbols which you haven't used at all, either remove your unused definitions or use pawn Код: #pragma unused acceptinvite and so on.
«(—[—[—| Stunt Evolution Freeroam - NEF has been given a new life!|—]—]—)» Website: Server IP: Introduction: Stunt Evolution Freeroam is a new birth...
Quote: Originally Posted by Redirect Left Still getting cookie mass requests, and eventually the server crashing, but process still running, if this is related to the issue people are havi...
Quote: Originally Posted by Peek I found a good protection against this type of attack:
I've witnessed another attack from a guy who joined my server, said that it will be closed and advertised his own spanish server. After fire walling his ip and his server ip, his attack stopped. This ...
Must say you were a good member, sad to see you leave. Good release, byee
MySQL: Password hashing: I'd recommend using YCMD command processor. Streamer