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Quote: Originally Posted by Jay_ - CrazyBobs CNR Also.. I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy it now, but when I was much younger, SA-RP was the shit during the Ventrilo days.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndreiWow It can happen to anyone, they fixed their issues after that. Yahoo got hacked too, avoid yahoo? Adobe got hacked too, avoid adobe? Steam got hacked ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Melktert Avoid 000webhost at all costs. These guys were hacked recently and all of their customers' usernames & passw...
Not sure if there are any for $2 or under right now, but it's always good to check Low End Box for offers. Make sure you read comments for "reviews" before you purchase though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince I would argue that using files is even more insecure when using a UCP. The web server user needs to have read and write access to the directory the files ...
Do you have a bigger/better image? It'd take you like 5 seconds on Paint.NET (free).
Quote: Originally Posted by iLearner Is it detected by OnPlayerCommandReceived? Nope. It's completely client-side. I think it works in the same fashion as /fpslimit.
The one my helper sent me is only a .cs file and it works as is. I installed the latest CLEO without the ASI loader then added the .cs file into the game folder and tried it in-game. It worked. I trie...
I have a few features on my server that are limited for players with a low ping such as /cruisecontrol for cars and air crafts. A helper on my server recently sent me a CLEO script that lets you reduc...
Looking for helpers and family leaders in a roleplay server set in Las Venturas. Must have extensive general roleplay knowledge and is comfortable working in a team-based environment.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I actually asked around in those servers and most of them told me that they don't use 0.3.7 features anyway so they didn't bother updating. Why risk losing players doi...
I love Bootstrap and all the other alternatives, don't get me wrong, but there's a feeling of uniformity that I don't like about them. They all look incredibly similar unless the person working on the...
Is there a NLRP.amx in the gamemodes folder? Do you recall making any changes before it stopped working?
According to a few friends in Russia, it's becoming pretty popular over there because of the big Russian RP servers going all out with web advertising. They apparently have their own launchers and eve...
Shit dude, I think I used your script to create a server back when I was 11/12? Good to see you here!
If everyone uses the CJ skin, I do believe that'd be possible with mods. But if you're talking about plain ol' SA-MP, then the best you can do is add an afro under a bandana with sunglasses and maybe ...
I reckon the world's a lot better these days when you compare it to the 2000's. You're just more likely to hear/read about the bad things now because of the internet becoming a lot more accessible.
Hosted Tab plays a key role, but having a handful of friends that will go on your server no matter how many players you have is good too.