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Can you add a static version for CentOS 6 for R39-2?
Iterate through all spawned vehicles. Check whether they are occupied or not. Respawn the vehicles that are not occupied. How far can you solve it yourself? What obstacles do you come across?
Quote: Originally Posted by Y_Less This is also very true. Are you using a naive linear search or something like a binary search? Why think about linear and binary search algorithms? L...
Quote: Originally Posted by Juvanii Don't know but maybe you should try to get the destroyed vehicle's coordinates then respawn the burning vehicle there with a low health. You should use ...
The usage of MAX_PLAYER_NAME in a for-loop is rather non-sense in this case.
Problem is that we have an undefinite amount of matching relations but are unable to have an array with an undefinite amount of cells, so I'd recommend this way (Make sure to adjust MAX_RELATIONS once...
First of all, you have to distinguish the terms from each other. They all mean something in particular and can be combined all together: Static: The static keyword makes your variables only available...
Quote: Originally Posted by GeekSiMo You can, Add Get Player health on top of OnPlayerGiveDamage and Add Setplayerhealth after if (weaponid == 23 && TazerHand[playerid] == 1) Se...
You can't prevent that the player looses health, you can just give the health back. You can also set the players in the same team beforehand and handle the complete damage-management yourself.
Don't ever make use of the 'ProxDetector' in your script. It's outdated and not well written. Don't use an extra function to save a player's name (GetPlayerNameEx()). Save the player's name in a var...
Why a two-dimensional array when a one-dimensional array would be enough? As far as I see, you do not have to temporarily store the results you get in the for-loop. Aswell, you should make sure to che...
Check the switch that refers to the first error. There has to be some sort of mistake there as your command follows a case. You're propably missing the end of the switch structure.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThatThoseTheThy That didn't stop them. I'll try once again. is there any script that when someone bans it shows the Admin IP and the hackers IP(Assuming this ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metharon I want to make an system to : - when i'm typing /unbanall --> to search on the db for players with Blocked == 1 and to set them to 0 . - w...
Check your logs, debug, ... - There's nothing we can do to help you from this position.
Assuming that the variable 'val' includes the entered amount of money to be transfered: pawn Код: new val = 12.56,    data[2]; // data[0]: dollars, data[1]: centsdata[0] = floatround(val, float...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lordzy When the reason on OnPlayerDisconnect gets called as 0, it means the player had timedout or might have crashed. Instead of using the functions which gets...
By using a float instead of an integer when seperating the parameters via sscanf. You will then later still be able to extract the amount of cents into a seperate integer.