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How about reinstalling your GTA-SA? This problem may cause of 3rd Party upgrades that SA-MP doesn't compatible with.
For all who are asking about Nitok Panel on Linux or Ubix OS: Please be patient, I've contacted darkrider366 already. He's been out for weeks. Thanks Cruiser_23
Hello! I'm going to show you how to install Nitok SA-MP Control Panel on your localhost with Windows Visit this link for the full information about Nitok SA-MP Control Panel>> https://sampforum....
Proxy's can only make on Browsers, most Program proxy's die after every 5 minutes or longer.
You must reinstall your Operating System
Nice... Best for RP and Stunt GM's I'm going to check it out, NOW!
Quote: Originally Posted by GrandTheftAudio I am also having this problem. Win7, 32-bit, can't get past the SA-MP Multiplayer screen. Doesn't even have the loading bar. You must reinsta...
Update the link please or transfer to another file hosting.