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without the code from them lines no one will be able to help you
no it wont you could use switch instead pawn Код: switch (skinVal ){    case 181,1,157,196,264,239,212,100,152,178,237,238,246, 256,257,64,63,87,15,134,213,198,259,241,32,100,142 ,60,239,132...
pawn Код: for(new i = 0;i<6;i++){ TextDrawShowForPlayer(playerid, Spawn[i]);}
first off please dont bump before 24 hours, your post will be answered when someone sees it and has an answer for you. second the function in question is CMD:moneybag not CMD:moneyrush so pos...
its common practice to run "clean up" code when exiting any app. its simple if you dont want to destroy them then dont... if the abstract machine("server") gets shut down surly everything will be clo...
did you look at the attachments.pwn filterscript that comes in the server package? everything you need is in there.
sqlite is native to samp. heres what mine look like its from 2012 but it will give you an idea mine was not really a map editor, youd have to add code to make projects g...
Quote: Originally Posted by xXmAn40100Xx Hi, thanks for your answer. I'm testing it, may I ask you, what does "EOS" means? End Of String EOS = \0
personally i would use sqlite or mysql but to read a file you use fread
pawn Код: // example  SaveToFile("objs.txt","CreateObject(param, param, param, param...);");stock SaveToFile(path[],text[]){    new File:handle = fopen(path, io_append);    if(handle)    {...
pawn Код: new Float:aPlayerPunchHealth[MAX_PLAYERS];public OnPlayerSpawn(playerid){    GetPlayerHealth(playerid,aPlayerPunchHealth[playerid]);    return 1;}public OnPlayerTakeDamage(playerid, ...
i would use even though both are called after damage has been done you could use to restore the old he...
best bet is not to use INI for registration and user system "The INI file format is an informal standard for configuration files for some platforms or software" my advice is to switch to sqlite or mys...
what do you want the stock todo? a stock is just a function/ or var that may or may-not be used at run-time. the compiler checks at compile time for its usage and if it is not used it is removed fro...
not really but that is another approach provided you allow other players into your house.
set a different virtual world for each player when entering an interior. when you exit you should set it back tot he same virtual world so they can see each other on the streets
I never knew about this method, I have converted to using this and it is the simplest of the methods. I will be upgrading my als generator soon to use this method thx
yes I know all about linux and how easy it can be to install, and that android uses linux kernel . lol but not doing that right now that is why i wanted to see if anyone is hosting a live copy thank...
Quote: Originally Posted by SickAttack Using the keyword "stock" or not doesn't make a difference (as for performance), so why even bother? That's not really the reason why people use it....
you have an extra comma at the end of the array "Cuneo"}, //Heli pawn Code: "Cuneo"},//Heli remove the comma and try to compile again EDIT: sorry i misread your post the header should look som...