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Why does the footer looks so bright? It should be the least brightest thing on my face since it should be less relevant than the game itself.
It's for a good cause. I don't see what the problem is?
My first post was about me introducing myself( so not really.
What if I don't wanna buy crappy car dlcs and other micro-transaction bs? What's going on with Rockstar?
It's called Pathfinding which is part of Artificial Intelligence since it's a decision-making tool allowing you to find the shortest connected nodes to a path based on an algorithm.
Yes you can't do anything wrong with OBS.
If it's for sa-mp server then MySQLi is irrelevant as it's used mainly by PHP. The security and the speed is based on your script and if it's local or remote. If your database server is remote, use SQ...
Use Xamarin. You can use one language like C# to do apps on any platform.
Why are you re-inventing the wheel when you can use bootstrap?
This is definitely not the way to open a huge RP community.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lannister Thanks, I wish you luck too. I believe instead of restricting players of robbing/looting/killing - they must have a valid, productive reason in whi...
Whatever you pick, be consistent. Don't mix and match between pickups and checkpoints for the same general thing. For example, if you have missions, use checkpoints. If you have properties, use pickup...
Why are you using Microsoft SQL Server for SA-MP to begin with. Why?
If you are playing a role of a character and create your own story, then it's roleplay. If you are playing the story of a character that is predefined, then it's RPG. Depends on how you use it.
General rule of thumb, generate a random password only for SA-MP servers.
Need no one to stalk me. Thank you very much!
It has been confirmed she did that all for publicity stunt. Typical attention whore female. Unsubscribed!
I was looking at this at my class whilst not expecting music coming from a website and my god I was so wrong. Now I am getting looks from everywhere.
There is a static noise that is killing my ears. I thought it was my phone but it is not. So perhaps, fix that?