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Use pawn tabs when posting code so i can read it
If you put it under OnPlayerEnterVehicle the player will see the message when he hops in the vehicle, And i don't think you can have -250 hp the Vehicle will just blow up and respawn.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fj0rtizFredde This is pretty much why people should check the code before they open a server. Yes it
I have made this for my car dealership but i can't work out how can i lock the car as well. here is the code pawn Code: new vehicle_id1, Text3D:vehicle3Dtext1;    vehicle3Dtext1 = Create3DTextLabe...
Not bad friend, Just tested, pretty fun
pawn Код: else if(strcmp(x_nr,"trunk",true) == 0)            {                new cid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);                if(cid>0)                {  ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Skylar Paul You know what else makes him look like a muppet? The fact that he thinks you can hyperlink image directly from his hard-drive. Lol'd. and now ...
Hey i have been looking for the CNPC plugin i had a friend tell me about it but i cant find it any where.
I get 2 errors pawn Code: C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\World Wide RolePlay\gamemodes\WWRP.pwn(31946) : error 001: expected token: ";", but found "new"C:\Users\Ryan\Desktop\World Wide RolePlay\gamemodes\WWR...
Im making a /crash command but i forget what you need to give to the player and it will make them crash i think it is some type of object
I have seen a way to decteed if i player is hoping in a car as soon a he hits enter or f but i forget what the Function is and i dont want the PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER Function i want the one where it wil...
What is the Animation for using the sprunk machine
CreateDynamic3DTextLabel("Gas Station\nType {19FA00}/refuel {FADD00}to refill car",COLOR_YELLOW,1940.3013,-1773.8197,13.3906,10.0, 0);
I'm making a vip system but i can't think off a way that the vip will be remove after a month like a time or something. any ideas.
i have been doing that all night thats why i came here and ask.
I need the object id as well
Quote: Originally Posted by Mascaro how? i dont understand this is the pawno code Use pawn tabs like [pawn] [pawn] So it will look like this pawn Код: //-----------------------...