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It\'s old, but thanks anyway dude
YCMD is proven to be faster than ZCMD after a certain amount of commands in your script. If you're making a big script, you should definitely use YCMD.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperViper [...] you need to re-assign the variable [...] Declaration is when you use new, static, stock infront of the variable names to add it to your scri...
Quote: Originally Posted by Y_Less That wasn't discovered by Slice, just happens to have been documented there. It has been documented before that too and is a method in use in other lang...
Why do you want to use Geo IP for that? You can just range ban by using asterisks as wild-cards! pawn Код: SendRconCommand( "banip 255.255.*.*" );
I'm currently at school (food-break) and I don't have access to skype here because of Internet-block (I'm browsing on my phone, but I can probably take a look at it when I get home (in about an hour o...
Did you try checking under OnPlayerSpawn? Is it still 1? It shouldn't be as the player gets kicked. Conclusion: You reset the value somewhere between THREAD_REGISTER_SPAWN and OnPlayerSpawn.
Quote: Originally Posted by dr.lozer I didn't understood from his topic. It is better you guys explain me in easy words. The tutorial topic DOES explain it in easy words. Quote: ...
I repeat: Debug your spawn-thread, or possibly all related code.
Debug your spawn-thread. Somehow pStatus isn't being assigned to the value 1.
Quote: Originally Posted by zDivine Then don't help. There is no code to post really. It's just simply that "timer TimerName[DELAY](PARAMETERS)", doesn't work. Don't be ignorant. You ma...
Compare playerid with giveplayerid and disallow the command if it returns true (matching IDs) Example: pawn Код: if( giveplayerid == playerid )    return SendClientMessage( playerid, 0xFF0000AA...
Quote: Hello, im wondering if there is any stock to calculate the score left They're called functions - "stock" is just the name of an attribute. Quote: I have a rank...
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejohnsonusa I'm 99% sure it sends a message to players within a defined distance (from a define player). But I want to verify that and also want to know how ...
If you don't know, why do you want to use it?
fdeleteline automaticly opens, reads, deletes and closes. You'll have to open the file again to write to it. Edit: IIRC.
Clearly your "UserPath" macro is faulty. Please show us how you define it.
Are you on linux? Be sure to add the extension in server.cfg Quote: plugins Edit: Nevermind..