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I wont mind trying ******+, ******** has loads of issues with security (talking about those harmful spam things)
Quote: Originally Posted by d1llomaN ///EDIT! Wrong thrad the new msn sucks and mean the version 2011 ! yahoo sucks more but back on topic 10/10 simply awesome :P
I just love Skream & Example - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again [ame][/ame] (from 0:30)
you connect to that server not actually opening the link in you're browser
I got bored of it way faster then any other game sadly but its good, I started playing OP7 after that
Just because he published his code that doesn't mean he doesn't have any rights to it and one of that is that the person who is using it should give credits to the author
nope they are on 640x480 but they show up the same on every resolution (at least textdraws work like that) correct me if I'm wrong
There are snow objects from LC but they are non-solid ... but they will ad that snowy effect you might want EDIT: the object id is 3913-19 the most useful one is 3915
Felt near 3 meters from a ramp whit my bike I survived but my bike didn't (breaks etc. broke) also couldn't move both of my hands for like 3-4 days xD
Roadtrain one of the nicest truck in the game and the huntley I just like to go offroad whit it :P
509 it was only a few topics bellow
That was "invented" can't really tell how it was made or found but its job is to DON'T allow anyone to decompile a script and that is for a reason if you got the script from someone ask for the source
In the options menu > audio > radio (or similar and I'm talking about the in-game options menu)
Quote: Originally Posted by billiout how to mute the radio station from cars? Put the radio volume down there is no other way
This makes me not to want to be a truck driver anymore, the Actros is ... well anything but not a truck anymore a few days ago I was close to a similar accident but way smaller a truck went in the dit...
Its only for Vista and 7 :/ didn't like the older versions eider, just slow
Its faster then the old one and looks amazing, I just love the tabs on top feature
you don't play sa-mp whit you're browser so it doesn't have any effect on you're gameplay also you can't download an original version of GTASA
wooow I really want this finally you can be the cop again