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hi.. is it bad if i use sqlite for a roleplay script that's going to be used on a big server? like 50 playerbase daily, maybe 20k accounts registered. not sure if i should rescript it in mysql
Quote: Originally Posted by DoubleTree I see no attack cookie on going... My server doesn't logs cookies for some reason, even mine. that is because you downloaded the r2 which has dis...
well i've made a system with textdraws, now when i hit the command that hides all textdraws i have to press ESC again to leave the mouse cursor mode. can i do that scriptwise so it does it automatical...
It's alright just the textdraw colors dont fit well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Paulice AFAIK, Lorenc_ works/worked for RevCTRL, not own it. Actually he didnt work for RevCTRL, he was just a part of its development.
Not everyone understands Spanish or whatever this language is.
Are you using the same plugin versions on linux as you did before on windows?
I would suggest you to use FCNPC plugin instead of what you're currently doing. You can find it here.
Why do people capitalize every first letter of all the words? I could never really explain that to myself.
Sorry but to be honest you will not suceed in any type of the server if you ask me. 99% of people don't nowadays and you don't seem to be that 1%. Nothing personal tho.
tested it with GoldenLion my brother, gamemode is dope as fuck gj bro
it's the sockets of the server, contact your host and ask them if they can update the sockets and the libraries
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Check the error log for the webserver. Also that's not how you do prepared queries. You're not supposed to do string concatenation. Read up on how that ...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Vince I don't know how you would do that without first knowing the original password because it is impossible to reverse a hash (brute force/rainbow tables excl...
basically the passwords in the mysql database are hashed with sha1 and i'm trying to make an ucp but i don't know how to load the account with sha1 hashed password... can anyone help? PHP код: ...
is there a way to convert all of the passwords in the database from sha1 to whirlpool not going them 1by1 because there are 1,100,000 users registered please tell me how if possible
apparently I'm not using whirlpool but (cant recall what is this, where i got it from etc) but the passwords are lowercased