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Same thing Dark Crow with the client tab...
I remember that after an update Kalcor or someone else blocked some VPN proxies or the proxy i used had problems blablabla, and the servers didnt respond with anything, like no ping nothing, and the m...
Either your crack has a virus or it's just a false positive. look for HOODLUM's crack. that's clean.
EDIT: D: didnt notice there was no i variable damn you fasties.
It's case 0: and case 1: not case 0; and case 1;
use pawn Код: for fucking code Quote this post and see the magic
Well, we need to see your filterscript code... god wont just talk to us to tell you to do X then Y...
Sorry, just hate when people go all like: Whay u piratedzz i nevah pirated in mah entire laif itzzz wrong!! -.- seriously piracy is everywhere, calgoon's thanks for teaching us how to illegally down...
pawn Код: if(Papana_BUMPED_A_1_YEAR_OLD_TOPIC == 1){Warn(Papana);print("warned");} Output: warned
You dont need a private helper unless your code is level 15346743058743975 classified by the government of the united states. Post your code and someone will help you, or at least try.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Abbott This. If you upload any pirated music to whoever is hosting your SA-MP server it will more than likely suspend your account. You do realize the music...
I think everyone fucking forgot ****** uses return 0; for his successful. So yeah, everyone here fails bigtime lol
I would use only MAX_VEHICLES because you remove the spoilers from the vehicles not the players. so on the add spoiler i would GetPlayerVehicleID and then spoiler[MAX_VEHICLES] = whatever you use for ...
Check the wiki page at onplayerentervehicle. It's useful for stuff like anti-teamjack etc. because it's called when the player issues the command to enter the vehicle(presses enter near one), not whe...
You know, you could cut the site off... and use your fckin panic button before taking a screenshot lol
First thing, don't give RCON to other admins... Use an admin level array for checks and make a SetAdminLevel command. for tazer check for nearest player if no ID is provided and use TogglePlayerCont...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Logitech90 Hello,i've maked 3 cps,and i've this errors: error 076: syntax error in the expression, or invalid function call error 029: invalid expression, assu...