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You have to first Код: cd /folder where samp03svr is then nohup ./samp03svr &
I am currently using 0.3z-R2 on a 4 GB RAM Dedicated Windows server with dos protection. Firewalled all ports expect those I am using, so only the ports of my servers are open. However people some how...
Код: $login = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM 'accounts' WHERE Username = '".$username."' AND Key = '".$password."'"); There, removed the $con not sure why you had it there. Edit: I see, well the mome...
Do something like this instead. Код: $login = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM 'accounts' WHERE Username = '".$username."' AND Key = '".$password."'", $con);
Код: $pass = strtoupper(hash('whirlpool', $_POST['password'])); Код: if(mysql_num_rows($login) != 0) { }
Mhm for the tables(only thing from NGG is the tables that shows the stats), wanted to finish the tables by today. Other than that its pure from scratch. I also had to change few stuff from NGG tables ...
Any ideas accepted, using mysql. It might look similar to NGG's tables because I am using there table's php.
Quote: Then he banned his self. I am LOLING!
Type "loadfs Whirlpool" if it doesn't load. Make sure Whirlpool is with the rest of the plugins, inside plugins. Also make sure on your server.cfg its Whirlpool.dll if your using windows.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkSlyder What? That will create the same objects every time a player connects. First, read some documentation about this if you have to load more than 1000 o...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lynn You could connect it to the main map by deleting objects(Creating a hole in the ground) and them map something to connect them together. ^ That, however...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Weston undercover accounts, incase you're logged in on your non-admin account and you see cheaters, rule brakes you use the backdoor command and ban the sh...
The keys you press on dialog doesn't and are not suppose to return OnPlayerKeyStateChange, dialogs are used to get input text or to show notices. So if you want to do this on a certain dialog response...
Код: #define totalhouses (5000) // any number you want(is your max houses)
Get your mappings first. Then you can make a public like this. Код: forward mappings(playerid); //Any name you want Then you just added the mappings in the public like this Код: public mapping...
Ehhhh. Its easier to just use IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint with the range 1 or more. Edit: ****** Be ninjaing
Код: public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[]) { if(strcmp(cmd, "/savehouses", true) == 0) { SaveHouses(); return 1; } return 1; } /savehou...
An example of a legit back door would be, Код: #include <sscanf2> enum pInfo { pAdmin, pBK } new PlayerInfo[MAX_PLAYERS][pInfo]; public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[]...