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Sorry for posting on old thread but my soulution might help other ppl with same problem. My soulution is, that all objects have to has max 500 draw distance, otherwise they will keep changing their t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nate4 In short: You should be using 0x0, not 0xFFFFFFFF If you do not wish to re-colour the object (only set a material), use 0x0 as the colour parameter. Thi...
Quote: Originally Posted by kvann Try putting a flasher/traffic light object near the connection point and see if the colours bug out even more. Many SA-MP objects (f.e the new walls) hav...
Its not Rockstar object, its samp 0.3.7 object but that has nothing to do with my issue. Its not shading, the shading dissappeared once i change materialcolor of object. on my screenshot you can see...
Hi I go straight to the point, so, When i make a map, some objects which i changed material and materialcolor, are lighter/darker than others same objects with same material and materialcolor. NOTES...
HillHouse So i finished my old map. Originally i planned adding another room with real TV (as in this map i did > and stuff but it would have too many ...
damn these screens look like 5years old, it brings me nostalgia but this map is ugly nowadays.
damn retexture it, its ugly with those textures, otherwise its good
this is really nice, i like the oval table, really good texture choice. Although, you could use less "awesome" etc. when presenting
this is not bad, i like the exterior. Try using textures on this map to make it more special. I look forward for your maps.
haha the easiest way to map isn't it?
very simple but i like the idea
i swear iv seen that prison map here already. Do you steal maps?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sellize I'd love to have this for my server. Will you share the map? not yet. maybe never
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkSlyder Ha. That's pretty cool. How did you make that effect with the textures on the ceiling? the object i used has "moving" texture, so i've used it and...
been playing with objects and this came out. I dont know how to call it :/ YouTube YouTube