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Met two friends in Amsterdam after we'd known each other on SA-MP for 4 years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wennicke Yes, but the water circulation in the indian ocean could've caused some of the debris to move that far.
Quote: Originally Posted by [Bios]Marcel PHP код: stock AddPlayerEXP(playerid,xp) {     pEXP = pEXP + xp;     if(pEXP >= 1000)     {         SetPlayerS...
Heey! Would love to have some feedback on my yearmix which includes the best tracks of 2013. Enjoy!
Example scripts are the most important part. Also, be sure to write up a small script during the interview (if you're skyping for example) to be sure that he knows what he's doing.
Quote: Originally Posted by saamp maddinat0r, I need an answer ; I want to create a Top Players with some fields ( level, money, crimes, etc. ). The database is actually big enough ( + 500...
Shouldn't this solve it? pawn Код: for(new row = 0; row < szRows; row++)
Been thinking about this for a while now. Let's say I want to connect 4 NPCs after each other. They'd obviously need to start after the last one has been processed through OnPlayerConnect but I want t...
Quote: Originally Posted by [uL]Pottus There is some other things you should know. - Sometimes connecting a lot of NPCs during server start-up will cause failed disconnections you need to...
The developer of the MySQL plugin wrote that it's not fully working on Linux 64bit in r33. It'll be fixed in r34!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonsaurus Really weird, but if you do "Text:INVALID_TEXT_DRAW", there is no warning... Yes! There we go. Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragonsaurus In theory, it should work, but try to replace the "INVALID_TEXT_DRAW" with "0xFFFF". Yeah, I tried that before and tried it now. Same result. T...
Hey! I'm getting a tag mismatch warning thanks to this code: pawn Код: public OnPlayerClickTextDraw(playerid, Text:clickedid){    if(GetPVarInt(playerid, "pTID") == 0 && clickedid == I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos I've seen using this method for callbacks (OnPlayerDisconnect, OnPlayerLeaveRaceCheckpoint) but I'm not sure if that would work for this callback. ...
Hey! I'm trying to manually execute OnDialogResponse and I've tried both executing it as a function with all parameters (OnDialogResponse(playerid, DIALOG_MDC_VEHICLE, 1, 0, plate);) and in a CallLoc...
The font should be white, it's faaar to dark and I really tried hard to be able to see it. A website should be easy to read and look at.
Where the hell did you put the html, head and body tags?
Try putting a 'SendClientMessage();' under the if-statement to see if you're actually picking up the pickup. pawn Код: if(pickupid == Pickup[5] || pickupid == Pickup[6] || pickupid == Pickup[7] |...