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My two cents, aimed towards Kalcor: Open source the mod. Allow us to move beyond Pawn. It's already being done in the form of SAMPGDK and SampSharp, allowing for C++ and C# development respectively. C...
If you are starting a project from scratch, consider writing it in C# instead of Pawn.
Using either WAMP or XAMPP should not make a difference. All they do is offer a MySQL server that you can connect to. Which begs the question, why not just install MySQL server using the official inst...
Those tables need primary keys, or else the editor (looks like you're using PHPMyAdmin) will not be able to know what row to update.
Have you verified the callback is being called at all? Check that out first by placing a print() call above the first if statement.
If you want to use a solid framework with a modern language, use SampSharp ( It allows you to use .NET Core and C# to build your gamemode. The framework has good s...
Quote: Originally Posted by BrightLeaN "using vehicle velocity" i only want a simple thing like how i explained it nothing with velocity just with holding the brake key but i have no clue...
Probably means they are either pure shit and don't hash your password at all, in which case you should leave their server because they obviously don't care about security at all. Other scenario is th...
Soyoustart is a company run by OVH which offers game servers specifically. They are ddos protected and have a anti-ddos firewall rule specifically for SA:MP. Take a look:
Clearly your ReturnUser method is defined differently. Show us the code for that method.
To run a gamemode which is based on MySQL, you need to do roughly the following: - Put your SA:MP server and the gamemode files somewhere on your disk. - Install the MySQL server and make sure that it...
Fix what? What's the issue? You are just showing us a random screenshot without any information.
You should start by showing what specific queries are not producing the desired results for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeroDR22 I see the problem "The problem is when i add a colums like skin, job in players.sql" But why? That's the problem And i don't know how to fix it. If i d...
Show us your code so we can help you.
Go check this out:
Show us the code you have already and we might be able to point you in the right direction.
Quote: Originally Posted by TommyB In a perfect world, no you shouldn't be able to read someone's PMs. Let's be real though, there's so many shady and malicious types on SA-MP that you alm...
If the code compiles, you're only halfway there. You will still need to test the code somehow.
Quote: Originally Posted by GTLS PHP код: if(!strcmp(cmd, "/darcash", true)) //Under OnPlayerCommandText {      if(JogadorInfo[playerid][pAdmin] < 1342 || IsPlayerAd...