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This is remarkable. I love how you used subtle mods and didn't take away from the GTA SA theme, really good stuff.
It's better to let 10 hackers get away than to ban 1 innocent.
It's good cause it filters out hackers and ban evaders, why would they spend time unless they're seriously determined, also once banned they can't keep logging in and hacking - making a good filter. P...
I see "ADRP" likes to steal other server's maps huh?
what's MaxPlayersConnected currently at and what's it stored as?
clickbait photoshopped thumbnail tho, not ig voice
looks decent but you really shouldn't show regulars what staff can/can't do or see - security
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexMSK It was mapping issue which its fixed already, thanks anyways That causes client lag, not server unless you've got some loops or something
format these > else Title_String = "{FFFFFF}My weapons:"; format( ..., sizeof(...), .. ); etc
You need to preload the anim a line or so before playing the anim rather than just once for example on connect it must be done before the new anim or every so often
use || - that stands for OR.. example: if(classid == 0 || classid == 1 || classid == 2) however, as said above, switches are faster
very nice, was waiting for this in samp
Getting this error if a player enters a vehicle that isn't a dmv car, can't figure out the error. Cheers Код: [20:08:24] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds" [20:08:24] [debug] ...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChubbyRioter Still not getting it, sorry. Could you maybe tell me step by step? Lol. I use SA-MP Map Editor. sorry lad it's not done in the map editor, it's...
Код: CMD:admins(playerid, params[]) { new sendername[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], string[128]; if(IsPlayerConnected(playerid)) { SCM(pid, -1, "{FF6600}Online {FFFFFF}Admins"); for(new i = 0; i < MAX...
Because LSRP doesn't use that dialog, it was made before it was introduced, they just add spaces with \n or manually adding them in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crayder Just going to point out that this thread shouldn't be here... This is not SA-MP related. Nice logic mate.
Make the audio stream link that sends when an audio is played off by default. - Stops spam and can allow for custom sounds without dumb links being spammed to the player in chat
Quote from tomsontom Quote: Originally Posted by TomsonTom I used to roleplay in all three cities on different roleplay servers. Let me explain how the cities are completely different. -...