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Код: ocmd:pm(playerid,params[]) { new pID, text[280]; if(sscanf(params,"us",pID,text))return SendClientMessage(playerid,GELB,"/pm [ID] [Text]"); if(IsPlayerConnected(pID)) { form...
So how i can get the X,Y,Z and the object ID as variable and save/load it.
What the hell is a MM Server?
Yes, would be nice. I tried it with file functions before, but i failed. I would appreciate it if you could show and explain.
Hello, So i want to save and load ingame created objects, they should load on server start and save when ever I place a new object. Can someone tell me how to do that? thanks in advance!
You know that there is a car bomb system integrated from singleplayer, no need another system, everyone has it already!