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new data[ 50 ]; data = "2016/09/11 15:30";
But chair is have to by in same height because it's place on ground i can't higher or lower put it..
But i want to use exactly that chair id object..
Hi, I create chair object and actor apply sitting animation, but he is always is higher than chair he look like flying if i create actor with less z, he start to fall from interior...
Hi, How show number like 00001? if i have new mynumber = 1; format( string, 49,"%d", mynumber ); SendClientMessage( playerid, -1, string ); I want to format that 1 will be showing like 000001
Hi, Maybe somebody can tell my what texture is in photo:
Hi, What difference between text input and text ouput because here: input have limit 128 cells, output 144 cells, what using function is input when is output?
Hi, I'am making anti cheat from check points teleports and i want to ask, from what distance maximum player with vehicle and player can enter checkpoint onplayerenterracecheckpoint or onplayerenterch...
Yes i know that i can use strfind but it's necesarry? like /sms [player] [sms] i'am saving player messages and sending them, i need to strfind and don't let peoples insert % in text?
Hi, I have to check OnPlayerCommandText if player input % in commands when player can write text?
Hi, How to calculate how much memory i already used and how much left until my server crash due memory failure
Hi, If strval returns 0 it means string?
This mean i have to make bigger string in function and it have to by bigger i will use? Код: CheckDateSame(date1[], date2[]) { if(!strcmp(date1, date2, true)) { return 1; } else...
Another question is this callback OnPlayerDisconnect always call when player disconnect can by times that it's not by called lagg or smth? because if i'am saving player stats it's get bad if one time ...
CheckDateSame(date1[25], date2[25]) { Can i use without [25] because i get (error arrays size do not match)
Can i use 2 sscanf in one command?
What if date i want to compare is string that player can input and it's can by any text? it's not going to crash?