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Quote: Originally Posted by Korztlavola Great work dude . But I have a question, what object do you use to make a red line like that? He used this texture
Thank you really much!
You need to preload that animation when the player spawns otherwise he must play the animation twice to see some real effects. For doing that you can just put that line under OnPlayerSpawn
You must use the MapAndreas plugin or even the ColAndreas plugin which is more complex and let you do lots of things that would be not possible at all with MapAndreas, instead. The only bad thing of C...
This guy's dope! His videos would deserve way more views!
Well, I remember I did a similar thing once with another object. Object definition PHP код: bar1=CreateDynamicObject(968, 997.43121, 1708.65247, 10.65440,   0.00000, 90.00000, 90.00000...
Thank you. Can we expect a brand new samp.exe GUI? The current one is really old and it doesn't get with the times anymore.
Seems that this shit use to happen with some types of icons :/ I think that's a GTA SA limit
Hi, I've noticed that MapIcons use to disappear from the map when the Interior it's not 0. Are there any possibilities to don't let this happen? I've tried Incognito's Streamer's function but it simp...
Maybe it's a client problem and not a server sided one. Just try to invite some friends into the local server and make them shoot the actors. If you still crash but they don't, I think that your gta s...
The Actor gives this problem only to you?
Well, there's a SA limit for pickups: they don't show if the map is too far from San Andreas. I don't know the exactly position since they start to don't show, but I have the confirmation that they ar...
You can basically use the function added in the 0.3.7: GetPlayerPoolSize which gets the hightest player ID (this is useful to save memory). And so: PHP код:     for(new i = 0; i &l...
You can do this way: PHP код: IsVehicleEmpty(vehicleid) {     for(new i = 0, j = GetPlayerPoolSize(); i <= j; i++)     {         if(IsPlayerInVehicle(i, vehiclei...
With zcmd, I used to return whole cmds with "return cmd_kiss(playerid, "");". If I try to do "return cmd_kiss(cmdid, playerid, "");" it give me error (error 017: undefined symbol "cmdid"). What should...
You didn't set the Opened File to a variable Try now: PHP код:     new file[40],labelstring[100];//Pravljenje fajla i etiketu stringa     format(file,sizeof(file),"FHouse/Houses/...
Quote: Originally Posted by EtayJ Thank you! It looks really complicated, once I get the hang of it, will it be easier? I was never good with art but here it's only syntax so it should be...
With the search button you can find different ways.. Here it is a tutorial
Or you can use "CreateObject" instead of "CreateDynamicObject" just to the object used as floor at the position of the checkpoint
Try now PHP код:     if(dialogid == DIALOG_OJAIL)     {          if(response)         {                switch(listitem)               ...