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Looking for SAMP video recorder and editor, paying for it (Paypal). Contact me on discord : King_ftw#4213
Is this a troll ? If not then Good Effort.
I see those boxes, it's probably because of the hud mods you got, maybe try a clean version of Gta Sa.
Similar problem, stuck with a sh*t ISP.
Increased health and increased damage as they progress in game, make a server-sided health and damage system. If you want to put the effort , make perk or item system which the players can buy in the ...
I'm starting a server project, it will be developed by me from scratch . I'm looking for helpers, admins, testers , people for discussing ideas and in-general, people (and possibly hoster[s]) . If you...
Set a timer which checks if the value of the server-sided money matches with the GetPlayerMoney ();
Code: new str[128], final[512]; format(str, sizeof(str), "~y~mission passed!~n~"); strcat(final, str); if(reward_exp > 0) { format(str, sizeof(str), "~w~+%i exp~n~", reward...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gforcez Why not store the positions and looking angles in an array and set spawns based on the array index. It's easier to add positions because you don't need ...
Creating Random Spawns So this is a very simple, straight-forward tutorial on how to make random spawns. For creating random spawns, there are 2 methods i can think of right now. First simple switch...
I made this for fun, there can be a mini-game made out of this: https://*********/watch?v=FLWAIjViUvI&t Skip to 0:35
- Electronic, Drum & Bass - Lofi Just to sum up : Almost everything featured by Mr.SuicideSheep
1 month for basics. Its a very simple yet useful language to learn. I would recommend people to learn pawn as their first language as is gives you the basic concepts of almost all of the parts of the ...
I get this message while download the model files of my gamemode: Could not validate "filename" 44002:0x133 ...Deleting Any way how to fix this?
I have this array storing different spawn points, i want to make a random spawn system. Code: new Spawns [MAX_SPAWN_AREAS][][4] = { { {2050.3469, -1704.7300, 13.5547,1.0169}, {2441.4512, -1895.13...