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Common problems are maxnpcs not being set in server.cfg, or the rnpc npcmode script not being compiled and in the npcmodes directory. Maybe its one of that?
Fixed my link shortener, download should work again now
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I can't stop anyone playing SA-MP or running a SA-MP server. You guys know that already. I can, however, ban people from this forum for advertising. Ev...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaperstone Oh blyat, thought he meant to differentiate two PC's. Reading it again, maybe he does actually mean that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaperstone kind of, gpci For 2 different PCs this probably returns 2 different ids.
"tube sucks cause they delete 6 years old videos for no reason!" *deletes every single video ever posted here in 12 years*
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor This my site, so I get to decide what links are allowed. utube and 1e100 are no longer part of my web of trust. The internet is more important to me tha...
4. They hash passwords. Maybe salt them, but with a global salt. Same hashs mean same passwords then.
Ive stopped checking the scripting section a long time ago, Im also not interested in most of the other threads created here anyome. The only reason im still here from time to time is because sometime...
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE Anything to say regarding the 43 year old woman and her 12 year old daughter? No? No, they didnt have channels or followers.
Implement a faster internet connection? Aw, come on.
Sure its possible, but large signatures are a pain for everyone loading the page.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gr00t Do you know about adblockers and popup blockers? Addons you should use: uBlock Origin, NoCoin, PopUp Blocker Sure, this was just about how it looks for...
This, and a site overlay that opens popups on first click, which is an absolute no-go for me
Quote: Originally Posted by HeLiOn_PrImE Mediafire is actually decent. No ads, no fake download messages... Turn off your adblocker
Just survived 27 club and then killed himself. Wasted fortune.
There was an "official" german forum a while ago, run by a moderator from here when the subforum was disabled, but its closed for a while. And theres still a big "unofficial" german forum. German ser...
Star Trek franchise? NOT discovery. Discovery is just some random scifi.
Give players only one weapon at once, and when pressing your custom weapon switch key, remove it and give them the next equipped weapon. They can still switch to unarmed, you may prevent that with Set...
Quote: Originally Posted by fiki574 macros != hacking Not hacking, but illegal in most games anyways.