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If you want cheap, go linux. OVH has windows servers, they're the cheapest (and reliable) ones i've seen. NFO servers are good too.
I agree with what you're saying about the job thing and scripting. I mean there's one thing to have constructive criticism on your work but then it's another thing where all people do is pick apart w...
Quote: Originally Posted by SapMan Sorry to put me. But what is sampctl for? click the link and read the description
have a good enough connection to the server and make sure the server can handle uploading them quickly
upload it on Was it a decompiled gamemode? That can cause that.
It means exactly what it says, you have insufficient memory to compile it. Download some more RAM.
I wouldn't recommend doing that.
Nice idea, maybe make the background a bit darker? The color is too loud/bright in my opinion.
I think a lot of the time people simply are too controlling. I guess it streams from this whole elite thing with LSRP, but everyone is an expert in everything, everyone wants to tell everyone what to...
PS3 is the last one I bought, back in 2010 I think. I've been considering an Xbone but my PC works fine.
Here's my theory: GTA SA was first released in 2004 (14 years ago) The average person joins SA-MP at 13-14 years old. This means that when GTA SA was first released, they weren't even born yet. A ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Maximun @Sew_Sumi, It seems to me like their system registration is disabled at the moment or I don't know.. Already tried to get an account there.. probably...
inb4 everyone just starts posting their own server... Click on the internet list on 0.3 DL and type in Roleplay in the mode, or English. Go from there.
Sublime, pawno IDE is just such an outdated piece of shit.
A team. Divided major roles up between two of us and minor supporting roles through a few other people. Been open for > 2 months, at about 10 on the weekends. Player count isn't everything, rome...
Quote: Originally Posted by SsHady Exactly, and the fact that it is not going to be listed at makes it a hell lot more of a mess. For that reason I'm not using it, and it kind...
You can do it, but you should get a webhost. Example- VPS goes down for whatever reason (DDoS, system crash, upgrades whatever) the webhost is going to go out with it and you're SOL. At least on sep...
I still don’t understand why you didn’t just release it as 0.3.8 and those who don’t wish to use downloads simply disable it, and if you don’t want to play on a server with models then don’t play it. ...
Pretty sure its in all grand theft autos. I've tried it on VC, LCS and SA. Not sure about the new ones.