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algo que te vai ajudar
Quote: Originally Posted by dugi Stay safe out there guys, hopefully restrictions will be lifted eventually. Yes i hope... Here we are at home 1 month and half its sucks.. nothing to d...
Well I understand his decision and if you think a little bit you will understand too. It's to keep the originality of the game of the gta we all know it. At least he is giving u the opportunity of t...
Quote: Originally Posted by Damian Breathtaking, you’ve really added a lot of depth to the game. Yes it's TRUE but he keep the game sense and tried not make a thing gta isn't that is ...
Kalcor I think the community can help you improving the new version if you want. Just say what is necessary and I'm sure everyone and I talk for my self we gone be here to help and respect your work...
Nao desista do projecto muito boa organizaзгo e modulaзгo
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuatro PHP Code: // Em seu sistema de salvamento, adcione: pVida, pColete // Em OnPlayerSpawn ou no seu sistema de carregamento de dados ...
Se o seu servidor for orientado para o Brasil nao serve
Espero que nao desista do projeto Boa sorte
Quote: Originally Posted by Kar This is honestly an amazing add-on. I wish it had came earlier. Good job! True! - Glad to see and can use this amazing work you did Alex!
It’s nice to see the way we keep connected by this game and this community after so long time
Very nice GTA S.A. will be always the iconic game for us
Very very Nice job! - Happy Christmas
Well we need to take a look on this crash’s because I got players where are actors being deleted and before didn’t happens By the way I’m glad to see this
niCe its impressive your job. I think you should be a SA-MP Beta Tester u make amazing job such SA-MP community and u got a big community for test the new updates of SA-MP. Glad to see day after day...
Nao use a static pelos motivos que lhe disseram. E reset a variavel quando mostra a dialog para o player ex: PHP код: string = EOS; 
se usa foreach nao precisa verificar se o player esta on pois ele ja faz isso. PHP код: stock MessageToMatch(cor, string[]){    foreach(Player, i)    {        if(PlayerInfo[...
Add code examples for more persons understand what is Nice job