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How did I even miss this. This is perfect. Thank you.
That's unexpected... Farewell Jernejl! You gave a lot to this community, thank you for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Konstantinos So my question is can we make the cheater unable to use them (make him to stop moving etc)? No. Unfortunately you cannot force anything on the c...
OnPlayerKeyStateChange for throwables. 100-200ms timer to check the ammo could do too. If synced > actual, force new ammo again with the server values, 2-3x => cheats.
Anyone importing an updated .csv file from maxmind note that they added new geo codes: HM which refers to a mountain in the Australian territory -
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Quote: Originally Posted by adri1 This is useful, do the same with functions That would be more useful when it comes to debugging ...
Passing more than one argument with an array using y_timers causes the complier to crash. Code: timer HelloWorldTimer[1000](array[], len) // works timer HelloWorldTimer[1000](array[], len, arg) // f...
Call Of Duty - Real World at War where real gaming only exists Server IP: Forums: Server IRC Channel: #rww -
These attempts should be alarming. They are not generated from a player on the server who is failing to login, but from an automated software that is used to crack passwords. If you do not use this fe...
Best: regex plugin and an expression: [a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+ Works, not so accurate: sscanf(string, "{p<@>s[128]s[50]]}")
Use a custom made mailer include for php.
UDP was chosen for a reason, it is most suitable for gaming. TCP is a heavy protocol because it ensures that all packets arrive to their destination.
This is brilliant! I will definitely be using this for debugging. Thanks slice, perfect as always.
The sniper is the only weapon that cause trouble in most of TDM servers. It, for some reason, inflict no damage on certain players (Take/Give callbacks never get called) randomly. The player has to qu...
I'm not sure if you knew, but crashdetect can pretty much trace all functions/callbacks and print them for you. This 'might' help you catch a plugin that may be causing this issue rather than debuggin...
I also bought a subscription the past day, i thought it had more "interesting" movies/series as everyone else said. I'm disappointed.