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Nice one. Can you add the 'с' character? So it shows properly the spanish language ''Espaсol''. Actually it shows a (?). This is quite the small detail, so if it's hard to fix don't bother, plugin i...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrBugs Servers of 0.3.7-R2 mix with 0.3-DL, this is.... ahh my head pain... USE 0.3 DL, but shows server of 0.3.7 and you connect "pah" error... ahh pain... thi...
I like Crazy Bob's system, where every couple of hours the cities switch between servers.
Quote: Originally Posted by GabrielBas їQuй tipos de mapeos buscas especнficamente?, soy texturizador y tal, podrнa dar una mano. Mapeos exteriores, y tambiйn estamos viendo cambia...
Hemos decidido dejar de lado Whetstone RP y comenzar un proyecto completamente nuevo de roleplay basado en los poblados desйrticos de la zona de Las Venturas, es decir Bone County y similares. Por a...
Estб la cosa igual pero con menos personas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Braun No es spam. Pues no, el spam lo tengo en la firma JAJAJAJJAA el post es legit
A partir de este viernes Whetstone RP contarб con puntos de rol canjeables, es decir, podrбs obtener dinero roleando y no tendrбs que perder tiempo farmeando si no te apetece. Me preguntaba si con...
El servidor estб ABIERTO IP: TS3: HostName: |ESP| Whetstone RolePlay [] Address: Players: 49 / 150 Ping: 10...
Quote: Originally Posted by OTACON la hosted tab se paga para figurar en la lista, no para visualizar la lista. -.- PD: parece que aun tienes tierra encima. Por eso, ha dejado de pag...
Quote: Originally Posted by SmileyForCheat What u mean??, well i feel satistied to any people that joined my server.. like Bad people, noob, or even cheater.... i appriciated them because...
If your server is roleplay focused, make the jobs just an optional thing. Good payment + large cooldown so people can focus on the roleplay and don't feel forced to farm. 1h/2h cooldown
Happens on every servers? Windows version? Any mods installed? Possible solutions: Delete gta_sa.ini Kill the gta_sa.exe process in the advanced task bar (there might be 2 GTA's running at the same t...
Feels meh (?) You only feel satisfied with veterans and cool people tbh
When you grow up you will understand how bad your website is until now just wait
It's sad that the whole article is just clickbait, turning 650k users into a million lol.